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Essays in Applied Psychoanalysis by Ernest Jones [Saul Rosenzweig's copy]

Essays in Applied Psychoanalysis by Ernest Jones [Saul Rosenzweig's copy]

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Essays in Applied Psycho-Analysis
by Ernest Jones

London: The Hogarth Press / Institute of Psycho-Analysis
The International Psycho-Analytical Library, edited by Ernest Jones. #40.

  • Volume 1: Miscellanous Essays (stated second impression, preface stating the first edition came out in 1923)
  • Volume 2: Essays in Folklore, Anthropology, and Religion

The eminent American psychologist Saul Rosenzweig's copies, as evidenced by his stamp on the front inside cover of both volumes.

Condition: Hardcovers; no dust jackets, cover boards have minimal apparent wear. Interiors are clean and neat, and bindings are firm.

wiki: "Alfred Ernest Jones FRCP MRCS (1 January 1879 – 11 February 1958) was a Welsh neurologist and psychoanalyst. A lifelong friend and colleague of Sigmund Freud from their first meeting in 1908, he became his official biographer. Jones was the first English-speaking practitioner of psychoanalysis and became its leading exponent in the English-speaking world. As President of both the International Psychoanalytical Association and the British Psycho-Analytical Society in the 1920s and 1930s, Jones exercised a formative influence in the establishment of their organisations, institutions and publications.

Saul Rosenzweig (1907–2004) was an American psychologist and therapist who studied subjects such as repression, psychotherapy, and aggression.[1] Rosenzweig, who, with a co-author, has been credited with being the first to attempt to "elicit repression" in a laboratory setting, became well known after publishing a paper discussing "common factors" underlying competing approaches to psychotherapy. / ... Rosenzweig's study of aggression led to the development of the Rosenzweig Picture-Frustration Study, a test of latent hostility. The Rosenzweig Picture Frustration Study is usually considered a semi-projective technique and involves an examinee responding verbally to a semi-ambiguous picture scenario. ... The test became popular in Europe and was featured in Stanley Kubrick's film A Clockwork Orange (1971)."

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