Textbook Buybacks

Textbooks is where we got our start, all those many years ago. The market has changed significantly since then but we do still buy and sell textbooks that have market value and if we can buy them from you, we pay cash in hand.

If you have textbooks you'd like to sell, contact us! Send us a message or call Tom and we can work out the details.

Keep in mind that textbooks become dated fast. If your textbook is more than a couple years old, chances are resale prices have plummeted because there will likely be newer editions out. If yours is a couple years old but still the latest edition, it may yet have some value.

Also, condition is key! If the access code has been scratched off, if there are notes and highlighting, creasing or moisture damage, then we won't be able to pay out as much as we would otherwise, if at all. Sticky notes and tabs can be very much worth the investment if you plan on selling your textbooks after you're done with them :)