New home on the web!

New home on the web!


You may or may not have noticed we recently made the switch from Wordpress to Shopify to host our domain. Why? Well, we can sell directly to you from this website! We can make that front and center and still retain a blog and the basic information about the business. It's much more dynamic. And I get to highlight some fascinating signed and scarce books. We certainly do still sell through Amazon--textbooks are still a large part of our business--and we absolutely still sell on eBay--where else could we do auctions?

While this website is focused on single books, we do still have a TON of curated book lots on every subject under the sun available on eBay for cut-throat prices. That's where our old tagline Build your library swiftly and with style! comes in. It's still true!

I will continue listing the fascinating books for sale here and I hope to slowly import some our old/evergreen blog posts, as well as write up some fresh new blog posts for you all.

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