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Memoirs of Fanny Hill by John Cleland

Memoirs of Fanny Hill by John Cleland

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Memoirs of Fanny Hill
"a new and genuine edition from the original text (London, 1749)"
by John Cleland

Paris: Isidore Liseux, 1911
Stated limited edition of 350, this copy is not numbered.

Condition: Cover edges have scuffing/rubbing, spine is black with no text (presumably because the book is so ~*salacious and sexy*~, probably another reason why it was printed in Paris rather than England). Three-quarter leather cover, with lovely mosaic design. The endpapers are lovely, as well--see photos! The text itself is clean and unmarked, the binding is cracked in a few places, but it remains sound and secure.

Please note: This copy does not have the illustrations (neither does it mention any); the illustrations appear to have been neatly removed with a sharp knife. I have not been able to compare this copy to others, so I don't know who it was illustrated by or the style, but I have seen the illustrations described as a "dozen, poorly drawn pornographic B&W plates that leave the impression a buyer was paying for the erotic art ... and the words were thrown in for free."
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