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LX: Memoirs of a Jugoslav by Vane Ivanovic

LX: Memoirs of a Jugoslav by Vane Ivanovic

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LX: Memoirs of a Jugoslav
by Vane Ivanovic

London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson
First edition, 1977

SIGNED, pasted-in letter, written on an affidavit, from Ivanovic: "For Elizabeth Valk Long, before whom I have bared my heart, as shown on this affidavit. Sent to Australia by fax, this document (though the possessor of the greatest prestige due to your signature) was legally declared unacceptable. Shame on the Australians. This book will be boring for you but I commend Dr. Wu (p. 341). Yours ever, Vane, London, March 1994."

The affidavit is very faint but still largely legible, dated March 14, 1994, and affirms that he has not been "summonsed, charged of convicted or had any offence proved against me under any legislature in the world." and is signed by him in red pen, and then signed by Elizabeth Valk Long.

In the middle section of photos, Ivanovic has made corrections to some of the captions, noting who the photographer was, or specific date, or correcting his placement in an old school photo.

On page 333, on the first page of the chapter entitled Sharks, there is the line "I myself have so encountered, as of the moment I write these lines, 344 sharks." He circled and in the margin updated the number: "On 25 March 1994 it is 563 sharks."

On the first index page, he has written: "Not responsible for Index. Done against my will because I know these professional index compilers who charge fees and do not know the subject matter of the book. Vane"

Condition: Hardcover; dust jacket has moderate wear, scuffing and some tears, cover boards light bumped on edges and spine ends. Besides Ivanovic's own marks, the interior of the book is clean, and binding remains firm.

wiki: "Ivan "Vane" Stefan Ivanović (9 June 1913 – 4 April 1999) was a Yugoslav-British athlete, shipowner, political activist, diplomat, writer and philanthropist. One of the founders of the European Movement and the consul general of Monaco in London, he devoted most of his life to the idea of Yugoslav unity. / A well-known athlete, Ivanović was a member of the Yugoslav team at the 1936 Summer Olympics held in Berlin, running the 110-metre and 400-metre hurdles. He was the undisputed Yugoslav champion in both disciplines throughout the 1930s. At the event, he was among the number of athletes who refused to give Hitler the Nazi salute. / Whereas his family background clearly contributed to the development of Ivanović's strong Yugoslav identity, his life in Britain and the education he received there at Westminster School and at Peterhouse, Cambridge (where he read economics) made him a staunch Anglophile. A rather dandyish figure who often supported an impressive cigar, Ivanović appeared to Serbs and Croats an English gentleman who spoke a slightly archaic Croat; to the British he was considered a no less exotic 'Eastern gentleman'. / In 1967, Ivanović was appointed by Prince Rainier III to the post of consul general of Monaco in London."
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